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    Paris Hilton goes brunette

    I notice Paris Hilton has gone brunette — just as my feature comes out telling you that brunette is the colour of the season, yet another celebrity opts for the shade. And what a difference it has made — she looks sophisticated, younger and so much more pretty. And I’m not the only one that thinks this. Yesmin O’Brien from seanhanna in Sutton, Surrey, agrees. “I love Paris Hilton’s new look. I think it warms up her skin tone. She is one one of those style icons who can wear or try any new look and it comes off, a bit like Victoria Beckham.” What do you think? Ruth@HJi x

    • Paris has a million dollar smile and a perfect little face that lights up my world. I love the color of her hair and the way she wears it when she goes out casually. Paris is one of the girls I would love to have a relationship with it would drive everyone around me wild to know I have such a hottie by my side. Her awesomeness is beyond measure. Check out her amazing eyes and wow her body dont even talk about that. Not many celebs have great skin but I know Paris has a beautiful glowing complexion! Guys Im serious… I think Paris is the hottest and most adorable girl ever do you think the same?