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    Contrasting Hairstyles at the MOBO Awards

    Creative stylist of James Roberts salon in Manchester, Ben Bradley provides his thoughts on the celebs’ hairstyles at this year’s MOBO Awards:

    Mel b mobo.jpg

    Mel B

    When it comes to dramatic hairdos, no one does them bigger or better than Mel B.  While she may have recently ditched her curls for the straight and narrow, this look confirms she definitely hasn’t abandoned her spicy side. Not really a look for the faint-hearted, this head-turning style has been achieved by first smoothing the hair with straightening irons, then securing into a ponytail at the front hairline. After which, the tail has then been split into four sections, before twisting and knotting it into place. While it maybe slightly extreme for most, hats off to Mel B for trying something new!


    Jamelia mobo.jpgJamelia

    There aren’t many people that can carry off such a simple and strong style like this, but the stunning songstress pulls it off perfectly. This super-smooth do looks great on the Brummie beauty, and really works to epitomise her elegance and emphasise her eyes. This look has been achieved by sleeking her hair in to a ponytail using a little serum to add shine, before twisting the tail in to a bun and securing in place with strong hold shine spritz.



    Alesha Dixon mobo.jpgAlesha Dixon

    Glamorous and gorgeous, this Grecian Goddess ‘do works really well on Ms. Dixon. While it would be nice to see her try something more daring than her conventional curls, she knows what suits her and gets it right every time. It appears that she has gone a shade darker for the event, which really complements her skin tone and gives the overall look an expensive finish. To achieve her MOBO mane, the hair has been set in heated rollers using serum to combat frizz and shine spray for added shimmer. Pinning her hair back with an elegant aliceband, gives Alesha’s look an A-list finish.



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