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    Men's Celebrity Hair Icons 2010 – Get the Look

    Love them or hate them, celebrities do influence the hairstyle choices of the nation, and it won’t be long before clients come in clutching crumpled pictures of the latest It boy and asking for ‘the look’.

    HJ Men looks at some of the latest celebs to stir male follicles, and the techniques and products that can create their hairstyles.


    Mark Ronson

    His music combines classic with cool and he has a personal style to match.

    “I love this quirky quiff. Create the look by cutting the sides short but leaving some length through the back and side sections to style. Keep the top left segment longer and slightly disconnected to form the masculine quiff silhouette.”

    Paul Falltrick, Paul Falltrick Hairdressing, Romford, Essex

    Create the Look

    keune-mineral-cream.jpg RFM-Mint-Shape.jpg men-u-create-and-shape.jpg


    Keune Care Line Man Mineral Cream

    Maintain control and hold with a natural-looking finish with this lightweight pomade.

    RRP: £11.50

    Call: 0333 123 4411

    Find out more: www.keune.com

    Redken for Men Mint Shape Forming Paste

    Perfect for creating looks with flexible finish and natural shine.

    RRP: £11.25

    Call: 0800 085 4956

    Find out more: www.redken.co.uk

    men-u Create & Shape

    Add texture and definition or de-frizz with this contemporary shaper.

    RRP: £9.95

    Call: 01256 701788

    Find out more: www.men-u.co.uk

    Alex-Turner.jpgAlex Turner

    The Arctic Monkeys front man is the pin-up boy for men who like their hair long. Alex is the pioneer of next-generation grunge – and he’s made it much more stylish than first time around.

    “This effortless hairstyle actually has a whole lot of thought behind it. Many young guys don’t want short hair. They are saying grunge is back, but it never went away. Grunge is one of those reoccurring vibes; it’s just a bit sexier this time around. To recreate, apply a matte-finish dust and dry shampoo.”

    Bryn Wilkins, Easton Regal Hairdressing, Clerkenwell, London

    Create the Look

    Whipped-Creme.jpg Clean-up-shampoo.jpg KMS-texture-shampoo.jpg

    Sebastian Professional Whipped Cream

    The perfect product for creating styles that look effortless, offering the light hold of mousse and the nourishing properties of a cream.

    RRP: £17.25

    Call: 01256 490 500

    Find out more:  www.sebastianprofessional.co.uk

    TIGI B for Men Daily Clean Up Shampoo

    Grunge doesn’t mean dirty any more, and this shampoo will clear out all old product leaving long hair looking sexy, not lank.

    RRP: £9.95

    Call: 0844 844 0944

    Find out more: www.tigiprofessional.com

    KMS California Hairplay Texture Shampoo

    For hair that doesn’t need a lot of product to look good, this shampoo helps create a gritty texture with lots of natural movement.

    RRP: £12

    Call: 01323 413200

    Find out more: www.kmscalifornia.com

    Justin-Bieber.jpgJustin Bieber

    Tween girls love him and the boys are catching onto the fact that they can get some of the Bieber appeal by emulating his look.

    “Justin has a really cool, young look which perfectly suits his image and style. To recreate this, I would work with a square layering technique, beginning with the profile section on top and over-directing this towards the fringe to keep the length through the top. Using this as a guide, work vertically on the sides and back again, creating a square shape to maintain softness in the hairline.”

    Jake Unger, HOB Salons, London

    Create the Look

    Beever-fibre.jpg sculptor-putty.jpg Aveda-liquid-pomade.jpg

    Beever No.6 Pliable Fibre

    Add shape and create style and definition with this protein-rich paste.

    RRP: £9.95

    Call: 0844 8246969

    Find out more: www.beever.co.uk

    Hairbond Sculptor

    This high-concentration putty is perfect for creating flexible texture that is soft and easy to mould.

    RRP: £11.95

    Call: 07738 954214

    Find out more: www.hairbond.co.uk

    Aveda Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade

    A lightweight liquid complex that helps seal in moisture and add control and shine without weighing hair down.

    RRP: £16

    Call: 0870 034 2380

    Find out more: www.aveda.co.uk

    David-Gandy.jpgDavid Gandy

    el David is style personified with his casual/smart dress sense mirrored by his tailor-made messy hair

    “I love this cut. It’s a bang on-trend short back and sides with a bit of messy texture on top. To get the cut, use scissor-over-comb through the back and sides and keep it tapered to the neck, working up to the recession and the occipital bone, bringing in square layers to maintain a bit of width and height on top.”

    Jamie Stevens, Errol Douglas, London

    Create the Look

    Wahl-Klay.jpg Dp-Glow-Pieces.jpg La-biosthetique-gel.jpg

    Wahl Academy Collection Klay

    Just right for a messy matte finish – ideal for defining curls and texture.

    RRP: £9.99

    Call: 01227 740 066

    Find out more: www.wahl.co.uk

    Matrix Glow to Pieces shine wax

    Add a shine finish to textured tresses with this pliable wax.

    RRP: £8.95

    Call: 0800 387 608

    Find out more: www.matrixhaircare.co.uk

    La Biostheticque Methode Pour Homme Le Styling Gel

    The moisturising, extra-hold properties of this gel will generate on-trend textured styles.

    RRP: £12.10

    Call: 01296 611731

    Find out more: www.labiosthetique.co.uk 

    Robert-Pattinson.jpgRobert Pattinson

    He may have made his name in the Twilight vampire franchise, but this twenty-something’s style has real bite way beyond his teenage fan base.

    “Robert has done for men’s hair what Posh once did for women’s. This guy looks great. His unkempt tousled look was so cool, but his new strong, short tailored cut has made him hot. His new look shows off the natural texture of his hair. It’s important to leave a bit of length with hair like Robert’s, otherwise the curls will contract, which wouldn’t be a good look.”

    Desmond Murray, HJ’s 2009 Men’s Hairdresser of the Year

    Create the Look

    LP-Homme-mat.jpg Terence-renati-paste.jpg American-crew-clay.jpg

    L’Oreal Professionnel Homme Mat

    Ideal for creating matte effect, versatile looks on short to medium-length hair.

    RRP: £11.60

    Call: 0845 6000 122

    Find out more: www.lorealprofessionnel.co.uk

    Terence Renati Paste

    Great for hold without stiffness – perfect for creating the tousled look.

    RRP: £12.90

    Email: renati@gbetterton.com

    Find out more: www.terencerenati.com

    American Crew Molding Clay

    Create texture with a high hold and a medium shine for an unkempt finish with this versatile clay.

    RRP: £11.95

    Call: 01282 613413

    Find out more: www.theiconconsultancy.co.uk

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