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    Mena Suvari's Style: Have Your Say…

    In the decade since she burst on to our screens, the original American Beauty, Mena Suvari has sported plenty of distinctive styles – but can she pull them off ?

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    Christel Lundqvist, of hob salons, London, says that Mena’s got the perfect look to carry-off most colours – though some suit her better than others.

    “Mena’s complexion and colouring means she can pull off most hair shades and still look great, although I do prefer her as a blonde,” says Christel.

    “Going for drastic changes in style, alternating from beautiful creamy blonde shades and rich reds to elegant brown hues, transforms her appearance dramatically.

    “After her ‘mature’ role in American Beauty, Mena’s red locks evoke a grown-up vampy look and style.

    “Playful and soft, the lighter beige choice promotes texture and complements her delicate updo style, while working well with her natural beauty and graceful features.

    “In contrast, her darker, cooler colour gives her a more sultry style and shows off her stunning eye colour to full effect.

    “The perfect choice for spring/summer 2008, Mena’s latest blonde beauty reinvention is right on trend. Light and soft, this beige blonde tone is fantastic with her pretty features and is a great choice for the warmer months ahead.”

    Do you agree with Christel? Is blonde best for the American Beauty starlet or does dark and sultry make the most of her porcelain features? Have your say…

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