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    London Collections: Men – James Long


    John Vial created a polished side-part for the James Long Autumn/Winter 2013 show at London Collections: Men.

    Show: James Long

    Stylists: John Vial for Fudge

    The inspiration: To complement the multi-textured collection, hair was polished, well-groomed and set in a deep side-part.

    “We loved working in collaboration with James on the look for this show,” said John. “James used a lot of techno fabrics that had a brilliant sheen, so to complement this we created a hairstyle that was so shiny it almost looked synthetic and mirrored the effect of the clothes.”

    The look: Side-parted, sleek and impossibly shiny.

    Get the look: Part hair diagonally from the crown to the side of the head. Run Fudge Hair Varnish through with a fine-tooth comb away from each side of the parting.

    Apply more Hair Varnish to create a polished, smooth look. Finish the look with Head Shine.

    Key products: Fudge Hair Varnish, Head Shine



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