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    Cheryl Cole's Style: A Hit Or A Miss?

    Life must be terrible if you’re Cheryl Cole…a member of the country’s most popular girl group, Girls Aloud; married to England footballer Ashley Cole and voted 7th sexiest female in the whole world by Lads mag FHM. But what of Cheryl’s look? We spoke to a couple of top hairdressers about the geordie lass’s image and surprise, surprise, they think she’s got that spot on too. Can the girl do no wrong?


    Here’s what the stylists had to say: “Cheryl has kept her look natural with a translucent light ash brown colour. This gives a high-gloss shine, which helps keep her hair in great condition and gives her a flattering, feminine look. The colour would suit anyone with dark eyes and dark skin or a natural tan.” Jackie O’Sullivan, O’Sullivan Concept Salons, London“What stands out for me is the strength of her whole look – it’s cut as a full fringe with no compromise. To achieve this look, give the fringe a substantial amount of thickness by bringing the front sections forward. It needs to have a bit of weight to get it to sit neatly and make a style statement. You need to look out for the hairline, taking into consideration the texture of the hair, whether it has curls or how it’s going to fall if it has an awkward kink. Remember, this style will shorten the face and draw more attention to the eyes, nose and jawline.” Tony Stavrou, Mowgli Haircutters, London Now as much as we love a success strory, we’re starting to feel a little on the jealous side, so if there is anything, seriously ANYTHING, that you think Cheryl could do to improve her luscious locks add your comments below. Also, visit the My HJi forums to join the debate about whether Cheryl has the hottest hair in celebrity land.

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