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    Celebrities Good and Bad Hair Days

    Isn’t it great to know that celebrities have bad hair days too. From a bout of frizz to long limp lengths, the glitterati have all the same hair problems as mere mortals.

    Unlike the average Joe, though, they have a team of stylists on hand to put their problems right and turn them back into the screen goddesses we know and love.

    Here is some great example of celebrities journeys from hair hell to hair heaven.

    Lily Cole

    Hair hell: Frizzy, out-of-control

    “When the cuticle is open, it doesn’t reflect the light so it looks fluffy and unruly, which isn’t flattering.” 


    Hair heaven: Controlled, smooth waves

    “When hair is smooth it looks shiny and healthy. To create this look, blow-dry the hair so the cuticle lays flatter, making sure the nozzle of the hairdryer is facing down the hair shaft to create shine. To keep the look modern don’t blow-dry the hair too flat – make sure it still has natural bounce by using a large round brush and twisting the ends to create movement for a groomed and sophisticated finish.”

    Sally Brooks, Brooks & Brooks, London

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Hair hell: Long, limp layers

    “While Gwyneth suits her hair long, she needed a change. It was becoming too long, flat and lifeless but getting a client to change from the security offered by their long hair can be challenging.”

    Hair heaven: Body, volume and frames the face

    “Gwyneth is the perfect example of what a restyle can do. Although much shorter, it still has length to keep that soft feminine feel. Taking the hair shorter has lifted her face and given more width and life to it. It is a great trick with more mature hair that has lost volume and bounce. Gwyneth’s cut can be tailored to suit all face shapes and has no age constraints. The tonged style is perfect for special occasions, adding an extra dimension and focal point.” Phil Smith, Toni & Guy, Salisbury

    Peaches Geldof

    Hair Hell: Grunge, lifeless

    “Not all teenagers actually have unkempt hair but spend hours making it look like this. Peaches wears both grunge and sophisticated well.”

    Hair Heaven: Sophisticated, prom queen

    “The grungy texture from the day is actually perfect for this kind of sophisticated edgy updo. Hair is swept over to one side and the ends rolled onto themselves and secured. A pretty flower decoration is perfect for an innocent, feminine flourish.” 

    Andrew Jose, London

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