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    Is Posh affecting your business

    As Victoria Beckham continues to dominate headlines around the world, sporting her sleek and chic POB – are your clients looking to lose their extensions and opt for this season’s must-have look?

    vic beckham

    Celebrity hairstyles are monitored constantly by the media and in the ‘celebrity obsessed’ environment in which we now live, they become the style of the moment for many fashionista’s. But as the experts, stylists should be the one’s to advise their clients on what will suit them and their lifestyle. For some, this will be keeping the hair extensions they had initially, as they suit fuller, longer hair styles. There will be those for whom the POB is absolutely right, but it must be on the stylist’s advice – and
    that alone – that individuals make such huge changes to their appearance. And as business managers and owners, you are surely not going to let business disappear due to the latest image change of Victoria – or are you?

    Jayne x


      Once again, Victoria Beckham is front page news with her bleached ‘pob’. Perhaps it should be called the ‘blob’? (Bleached bob)