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    Avoiding Naomi Campbell-Style Weave Woes

    Naomi Campbell’s behaviour may not always be befitting of a role model; but one thing that is always to scratch is her appearance, especially her sleek shiny hair.

    Whether she is sporting a glamorous up do, a short, shaggy bob or long layers with a fringe, Naomi’s hair is always well maintained and on trend.

    But it seems that all the wear and tear of regularly updating her look using weaves seems to have finally caught up with the supermodel who seems to be suffering with hair loss around the hair line.Afro Hairdresser of the Year 2007 Finalist Michelle Louise Sultan, director at Hype Coiffure, Battersea has a great deal of sympathy for Naomi who was spotted with what’s being coined ‘weave clevage’ during an impromptu visit to the United Nations in New York.

    “It looks like Naomi is suffering from traction alopecia which is hair loss on the hairline,” says Michelle. “It is a common symptom from wearing weaves and is primarily caused by the braids and weaves being too tight, which encourages an unnatural pulling force in the hair. This can result in hair loss or thinning.”

    The bad news for Naomi is that traction alopecia is really difficult to reverse once it has occured, which is why Michelle recommends that stylists always recommend that clients have a break between weaves.

    She adds: “Stylists should advise clients to take a break from having a weave to give their scalp and roots some relief from the pressure. Waiting a month or two would be advisable before having another weave!

    “If a client wants to have a break from a weave but doesn’t want to leave their hair natural, stylists can reduce the risk of traction alopecia by advising them to wear a lace front piece.

    “Wigs give the same illusion that a weave does without having to plait the hairline, and don’t apply any pressure to the hair at all.

    “Lace Front Wigs are virtually undetectable as the invisible lace is glued or taped down, which is a popular alternative with celebrities such as beautiful Beyonce who always has to look bootylicious!”

    • Angel

      Yes, I agree ….weaves are too harsh on the hair….it pulls at the scalp and weakens your hair over time. Lace fronts are the new rave…You can now change your hair …like you change your earrings…and yes all the celebrities are wearing them now. Ladies if you are looking for a place to purchase high quality lace front wigs. Please go to http://www.kaisdreamhair.com They have a nice selection of custom lace fronts. I purchased a custom unit three months ago..and I am so glad I did. It is so soft and beautiful and natural looking and fits my head perfectly! its definitely worth a try.

    • Nonstamped


    • Chrissy

      that last comment was funny! Thank you for the wonderful advice! I tried one of Kais dreamhair In Stock “Ebony Dream” am I am in Heaven. Very beautiful unit. I would highly recommend Kai’s Dreamhair if you are looking to purchase a lace Front wig. And for the record I am not bald! My hair is very thick and shoulder length. I just want to give my hair a break from perms, weaves, braids and coloring.

    • kelli

      Lace wigs DO NOT HAVE TO EQUAL BALDNESS. If you are going to wear them you MUST NOT put the glue on your actual hairline. When you remove it use a glue removing shampoo( 30 second brand works reeeeally well.) I will admit a lace wig can be a little high maint but its worth it. I am 26 and I have a thick grade of hair and I dont want to lose any of it so I am careful with taking it off and cleaning around my edges. TIP: a soft tooth brush works well with a glue remover if the adhesive does get in your hair. in the mean time, enjoy the MANY,FUN,AND FOXY looks that you can achieve with you lace fronts! :)