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    How Do You Rate Lady GaGa's New Look?

    ladygagahathair.jpgLady GaGa never fails to shock and delight fashion-watchers.

    Her outfits are outrageous and she’s worn her hair in Manga-style lengths, giant hair-bow creations and has sported and asymmetric fringe.

    Check out her latest look which looks like a giant button made of hair, attached to her head.

    Is it an adventurous, chic statement or does it just look silly? Vote below!

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    What do you think of Lady GaGa’s latest look?(polls)

    • Anthony Taylor

      A hairdresser we know down in Caterham, Surrey (www.gc-hairdesigners.co.uk) seem to be quite adventurous with hair styling but I doubt even they would be prepared to go as far as this!

    • Emma

      It somehow looks like a giant bananna on top of her head. I guess if youre into fruit then go for it. But for me thats too futuristic for me. Way ahead of times. But everybody loves her daring Hairstyles. Kudos to the Stylist!!