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    Holly Willoughby's Style: Have Your Say

    Holly Willoughby’s plunging neck line on Dancing on Ice caused a bit of a stir, but when it comes to her hair, the family TV favourite plays it oh so safe.

    When we asked a couple a hairdressers what they thought of her look they told us that she’d mastered a style perfect for the small screen.

    “To me this style looks Dynasty-perfect for TV! It’s long and layered with a fringe, which in this shot has been pinned back. To get the look, I would roughly blow-dry, then set the hair in Velcro rollers to add wave to the ends, before pinning the fringe into a quiff. The more body you achieve the better.”
    Sean Fordham, FordhamWhite, London

    “Holly’s golden, warm tones complement her colouring and complexion, eliminating any chance of a sallow look and enhancing her green eyes. The only negative point is the inch of regrowth at her roots. It’s vital to ensure maintenance of colour to uphold a fresh, clean look.”
    Paul Kemble, hob salons creative team, Hertfordshire

    But what do you think? When it comes to her style is Holly dancing on thin ice or is she a perfect, umm, six?

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