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    HJi hearts . . . Little Boots' Electro Updo

    Thumbnail image for hji-loves.pnglittleboots3sm.jpgVictoria Hesketh, aka Little Boots, has been not only been storming the pop charts with her blend of electro pop but has also caused a few stirs with her flirty hairstyle.

    Going for the classic bleached blonde rock chick colour, her style is softened with a 1940s’ roll to one side. The other side contrasts the style with backcombed lengths for a futuristic feel.


    Victoria’s stage outfits fit perfectly with her Ziggy Stardust-inspired music, featuring bold sequinned or metallic dresses and chunky jewellery for an intergalactic space babe style.

    When it comes to her iconic locks, Victoria adapts her updo with backcombed buns, messily pinned up and has even opted even the 80s classic: the side ponytail.

    Her band were the only band to appear twice on Later… Victoria-Hesketh-braids.jpgwith Jools Holland prior to an album launch and she proved she has her finger on the fashion pulse by sporting the season’s must have braids on the show last November.

    As someone who started out as a contestant on Pop Idol, life could have been very differet for Victoria, but a brand new album and a number of major festival performances for summer 2009, suggest Little Boots could be the ‘Britney‘ for the Skins generation.

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