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    Have Your Say On Gok Wan's Look

    Gok Wan is the king of showing women How To Look Good Naked, but is the style guru’s own look up to scratch?The hairdressers we spoke to told us that as cool as Gok’s image is, there’s some work to be done when it comes to his quirky hair style.


    “Gok looks great, but I think he could be a little more adventurous. Although his hair colour does suit his complexion, it would be great to introduce a stronger placement of colour. This would prove difficult because of his dark base, but he could cheat with some coloured hair extensions. Because he is a flamboyant character, he could carry it off.”Jo Jordan, Jordan Burr, London”Gok’s managed to mould an 80s New Romantic look into quite an individual, signature haircut which generally, I like. Gok seems to be quite a neat and tidy person and the cut reflects this, but personally I would add a little product and rough it up a bit.” Paul Merritt, Bloww, LondonIf you could get your hands on Goks’ locks, how do you think you would change it? We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you could make him look better…

    • Christopher Robinson (Sassoons Newcastle)

      I agree with Jo Jordan, it could be a lot more adventurous… i dont agree with extensions though, his style is far too short. lifting his natural colour could be tricky but if done well he could carry off having a longer fringe with more emphasis on his bone structure, this cut simply doesn’t accentuate his features at all.. he has fabulous cheekbones and a style that moved along and above them would look amazing, think the sort of cut legolas from lord of the rings had along the sides… quite elfish but VERY flattering to the bone structure.

    • kerrie

      perfect and even better in the flesh got wicked taste in bags too