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    Alexa For The Chop? Have Your Say…

    Has anyone noticed Channel 4’s ability to find one too-cool-for-school presenter after the next? The latest off the cool and quirky production line is the quite delectable Alexa Chung.But while some of her predecessors have from time to time been accused of coming up short in the style stakes, Alexa’s getting plaudits left, right and centre for her image.


    The hairdressers we spoke to felt that she’s got her edgy look spot on too, but that’s not to say there’s not room for improvement… “Alexa’s hair colour is incredibly natural looking,” says Mark McCarthy of Bloww, London. “If anything, it looks as if she’s caught the sun through the ends, giving a real girl-next-door look. It’s complemented by her laid-back styling and make-up. Given the opportunity, I would blend the colour from the ends through the top of the hair, creating an all-over sunkissed effect while still maintaining a natural feel. Anything else would be overkill and detract from her childlike charm.”While Lucie Doughty of AT Tramp, Beverly Hills adds: “I think this chin-length, loosely layered bob suits Alexa – it’s young and uncomplicated, and very ready-to-wear. With her hair in such great condition and having an amazing texture, she has many options on how she can dress it. Whether it’s wavy, sleek or dried with volume, it all works with this cut. She has such amazing eyes that a short crop would really show them off.” So what do you say? Is it time for a change?

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    Alexa Chung´s Style

    Should Alexa go for a crop?
    Yes, it would show off her eyes
    No, I think she should grow it
    No, her bob suits her just fine

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