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    Six Steps to Make Your Training More Effective in 2013


    The New Year is the perfect time to roll out your training plan for all team members. 

    Here, training expert Simon Shaw offers advice to ensure your salon team stays educated and motivated throughout the new year. 

    “Once the Christmas rush is over, the atmosphere can feel a little flat, so giving everyone a plan really helps boost morale.

    “However, never give training for the sake of it as this can be as de-motivating as no training at all.

    “Follow these easy steps to ensure any training you provide has maximum impact.

    1. Conduct a thorough review of each team member’s performance for the previous year. 
    Look at retail sales and the amount of turnover achieved in cutting, styling and colour. Are there any obvious gaps in their knowledge? These gaps can form part of their training plan. 
    2. Look at repeat and new client bookings. 
    For instance, if your stylist was given 100 new clients, how many have been back more than twice? How many new clients are being recommended to them by their regular clients? If you spot a problem in either of these areas, it needs to be addressed with some communication skills training. This can either be done individually or as a group. In my experience, there is great value in running consultation training for the whole team, including receptionists and trainees. 
    3. Have a focus for the whole team. 
    For example, you might decide to work on session styling, hair up and wedding hair – some team members may be confident in these areas but others may not. Make it fun – people tend to learn more successfully when they are not stressed. 
    Spend some time reviewing the way you all teach. Everybody should be training the same way, so work out your salon’s way of doing each haircut and colour technique, then write them down and create head sheets: this forms your training manual. Not only does this improve standards, it also helps everyone to feel involved. 
    4. Make sure everyone has a plan and make sure it is broken down into months. 
    This way, every team member will have a sense of direction. I would create a chart for each individual, so they can see exactly where they are and what’s coming next. 
    5. Introduce your plan at the first team meeting early in the New Year. 
    Explain the business objectives for the year and how the plan fits with this. It is important to regularly review what’s happening; I would suggest once a quarter. 
    6. Don’t forget to feed your team’s artistic side. 
    Take them for one or two days out a year to either a hair show, a gallery or even the theatre. These trips are team-building and can also bring inspiration.
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