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    Fab Hair at 40 – The Celebrity Style Icons

    With her stunning mane of long golden hair, it is hard to believe that Jennifer Aniston has just turned 40.  

    And the former Friends star isn’t the only celebrity to be boasting a healthy head of hair that most women half her age would be happy to have.

    In fact, it seems that Hollywood has well and truly ripped up the rule book that says that women have to lop off their length just because they hit a certain age.

    Leading hairdressers look at some of fab forty-somethings and reveal how their style secrets can be translated to the woman on the high street.  

    Jennifer Aniston

    “Jennifer’s look oozes sensuality and femininity and is an easy look to wear. Long layers are very flattering. She has quite strong features so the layering softens this. These days 40 year-olds are trendier, fitter and mentally more up-to-date than they were a generation ago. I think any style can suit an older woman providing she feels comfortable, then she will look good. I have some clients over 60 who look stunning with long hair worn in a classic chignon – with the right features it can look very classy. As we age colour should soften, there shouldn’t be any hard edges.”

    Guy Kremer, Winchester

    Sandra Bullock

    “Sandra’s hair is much softer and more feminine than she used to wear it.  I love the lights through the front and the way she allows the natural curl to have movement and texture.  I think she looks great for her age, the look is soft and rather sexy. As we age skin tone gets lighter so lightening up the front of the hair brings warmth and sassiness to the look. I think allowing the natural movement really helps Sandra’s look, if she straightens her hair then she does look older. This is a great example of how lights can work in your favour.”

    Darren Ambrose, D&J Ambrose, Pinner, Middlesex

    Liz Hurley

    “Older hair needs to look natural, soft, touchable with lots of movement and you should be able to run fingers through the hair. Liz has certainly got it right. But careful of using too much product as this can be ageing. As people age it is important not to overdo the backcombing or have stiff looking hair; it should be touchable and malleable. Everyone benefits from colour, even it’s just a few glistening lights to lighten up the features and draw attention to the wearer. Liz’s hair is a perfect shade, cut and style, her eyes are amazing and with her sunkissed skin it all works perfectly.” 

    Nick Malenko, Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton

    Halle Berry

    “Halle looks amazing but then she is one of those people who will look great whatever age she is.  She looksyoung and attractive and has the right face shape to carry off most styles; she looks just as gorgeous with her old pixie look as she does now with her soft curls. When choosing colour go a shade lighter than the natural colour, as a general rule older women look better when colour is lighter and softer. It’s so true that 40 is the new 30 because of lifestyle, healthy eating, new and greater cosmetic products, and also cosmetic surgery.” 

    Jamie Brooks,  Brooks and Brooks. London

    Demi Moore

    “Demi always looks fabulous because she has such amazing skin and eyes – I can’t believe she is over 40. I suppose this is proof that women over 40 can look good with long hair but it really does depend on the individual.  Demi does get away with, but it might be better if the hair was straight and not so thick. If she were my client I would prefer her to go with a shorter style like the sleek black bob she has had over the years, as it suits her oval face shape.  The colour is perfect, she is warm skin-toned so the darkness of the black works and because it is healthy and shiny it looks fantastic.” 

    Skyler McDonald, seanhanna salons, London

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