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    Does Lily's Style Make You Smile? Have your say…

    It’s been quite a year for Lily Allen. She’s topped the chart, launched a clothes range for New Look and slimmed down to a slender size 8.


    And she’s even got it right in the style styles according to some top stylists who were, quite frankly gushing, about her luscious chocolate locks. “I love this new haircut on Lily – it really suits her. It’s young, fresh, fun and glamorous. I’m so glad to see that she’s let her hair down and lost the old fringe that she wore to the side. Her new long, glossy style with a straight, blunt fringe frames her face, brings out her eyes and shows how pretty she is. This style works especially well with her thick hair, which looks healthy and shiny. This look can be created on shorter or thinner hair by using hair extensions and then styling with straighteners.”Inanch Emir, Inanch, London“Lily’s beautiful chocolate brown hair appears to have been treated with a semi-permanent colour, giving it maximum shine and a healthy, full, thicker look. This rich colour works perfectly with her on-trend fringe and her delicately tanned skin tone, which accentuates her big brown eyes and gives her youthful complexion an overall glow. Lily’s colour mirrors her style – classic, chic and effortless”Giuseppe Bulzis, Windle, Covent Garden, London Much as we’d love to say something controversial, we have to agree that Lily’s look is spot on, but we’d be curious to hear from you if you think there’s room for improvement…

    • Layla

      i love lilys hair like this!
      i got my hair almost exactly the same to the way it looks here and i loved it. unfortunately my hair wasnt half as long, and the fringe grew out pretty sooon, and now i have a dodgey side fringe, but im going to get it cut soon again and ill show them this same pic! 😀
      my hairs also this brown ish colour, but i was wondering whether or not i should bleach it blonde? or would it look silly.
      lilys kind of been my idol. i love her music, her look, and specially her hair! it always looks good. i liked it when it was brown/black, blonde.. and even pink! its not fair.
      i think ill dye my hair blonde and hope it looks good. if it doesnt then im going to be extremely jealous coz all three completely different colours suited lily! :)

    • Hannah

      Lily Rocks. I want her hair.