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    Top Marks for Christina Aguilera's Comeback Style

    HJI Hearts logo.bmpchristina-1.jpgHer comeback has been blighted with comparisons to Lady Gaga, but Christina Aguilera hasn’t let the detractors hold her back and she’s certainly looking stylish as she fights to win back her title of Queen Warbler!


    christina-3.jpgAlthough she’s sticking with the trademark peroxide blonde (for now!), Christina has well and truly ditched her dirrrty girl past. Her most recent reinvention as a wannabe 1940s pin-up girl is still hanging around, but she’s also switching things up with 80s inspired texture and curls.

    The burlesque beauty look had an airing at the MTV Movie Awards, where Christina wore a stylish vintage roll to one side. Instead of her past retro outfits though, this time she finished the look with a funky chainmail dress. Hmm, looks like someone is trying to keep up with Gaga!

    We asked Steven Butt of Cox McMillan his opinion on Christina’s changing styles…

    christina-2.jpg“Christina is rocking right now and so is her hair! She’s been appearing everywhere recently promoting her album, but has kept it exciting by experimenting with her look. This shorter bob style is very versatile and looks great in the teddy-boy roll and in a tousled wave. It’s great to see her keeping her signature platinum look but updating it with styling. Welcome back Christina!”

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