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    Celebrity Hair-o-Meter: Meg Ryan's Monstrosity Mane

    HJi takes a look at the celebs who’ve been snapped and papped looking perfectly coiffed or downright drab in the past two weeks.

    But what do you think? Does Diaz deserve our dressing down? Does Messing look simply, well, a mess? Join the celebrity hair debate on the My HJi hairdressing forums.


    Hot, hot, hot…
    Debra Messing

    The Will & Grace star has swapped her red waves for this deeply dark shade – and we think it’s given her an instant glam-over.

    Jada Pinkett-Smith

    Mrs Will Smith (lucky lady) has gone all glamorous on us, trading her cute cropped locks for this slinky, sexed-up style.

    Nicole Richie

    New mum Nicole carries off the ‘haven’t really tried’ look to perfection with this effortless updo and delicately dishevelled strands.

    Cameron Diaz

    Ok, so Cameron never looks bad, but her usual surfer-girl style is so much cooler than this straight hair and Sloaney pashmina combo.

    Meg Ryan

    Is Meg channelling Jon Bon Jovi circa 1987 with this fright wig? There’s ‘rock chick’ hair and then there’s ‘power ballad’ hair – and sadly this is the latter.

    Alexa Chung

    Oh Alexa, you were shaping so nicely for style icon status, and then stepped out with this bad, bad case of bed hair. A little serum wouldn’t have gone amiss.

    …Not, not not


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