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    Celebrity Hair-o-Meter: Lily's Gone Back to Her Roots – Hurrah!

    We’re been spoilt for choice when it comes to celebrity bad hair days in the past two weeks and, as ever on HJi, the Hair-o-Meter has honed in on the most hot and most horrendous hairstyles of the fortnight.

    But what do you think? Does Davina deserve our dressing down? Does Agy’s icy blonde leave you cold? Tell us your views at My HJi!

    thermo2.gif Hot stuff…
    Lily Allen

    This paparazzi shot of Lily on the blower might not be her best picture, but we’re so pleased to see she’s ditched the pink phase and returned to her glossy, gorgeous deep brunette shade.

    Lauren Laverne

    TV presenter Lauren is becoming something of a regular on the glossies’ best-dressed pages lately, and we think her hair is looking hot too. This dishevelled blonde style is perfect for rock-chick glam.

    Agyness Deyn

    It seems Agy can do no wrong when it comes to style – especially when it comes to her signature blonde locks. Despite her questionable 80s-tribute outfit, her colour shone onstage at the T4 On the Beach festival last week.

    Davina McCall

    There’s something about Davina’s enormous quiff here that reminds us of a certain Cameron Diaz movie character… Probably not the look the presenter was hoping to evoke at a recent BB eviction.

    Kathreya Kasisopa

    She seems very sweet, but there’s nothing cute about Big Brother 9 contestant Kathreya’s hair. If she wins, mark our words: Heat magazine will give this lady a major makeover, starting from the top – literally!


    We love Madge but she’s been languishing at the chilly end of the Hair-o-Meter for a while now and with this frizzy fright-wig it’s easy to see why. Sack the stylist, Mrs Ritchie.



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