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    Celebrity Updos on the Oscars Red Carpet

    The dresses were glamorous; the make up flawless; the teeth whiter than white; the bling abundant; but how did the celebrity hair fare at this year’s Academy Awards?

    Also, see the loose stylesBrits and the golden girls on the red carpet.

    The Updos

    Kate Winslet Penelope Cruz
    Freida Pinto Vanessa Hudgens

    Celebrity stylist and GMTV regular Richard Ward gives his verdict on the hair up dos on the Oscars’ red carpet.

    Kate Winslet

    Kate has great beauty and confidence and really pulls off this 1950’s Grace Kelly inspired hair up.  It’s a definite look that needs to be styled in a salon – no home styling here!

    How To

    “The foundation is essential here.  It’s a classical set that’s then dressed in a soft wave and pinned into a low tuck-under at the nape of the neck. Key products would be styling lotion, hairspray and then a soft bristle brush and comb to create the waves.”

    The Verdict

    This is a bold look that is perfect for her Oscar-winning speech. Because Kate is a classical looking actress she really carries this beautiful style elegantly.”

    Penelope Cruz

    Another classical hair up do that the Hollywood elite like to wear.  It’s quite simple and understated something that maybe she thought is right for the economical climate.

    How To

    “The hair needs body at the foundation, so set with heated rollers and then simply sweep back into a ponytail, secure and then create into a bun.  It’s very subtle and looks like she could have just styled it herself.  The fringe keeps its grounded.”


    The Verdict

    “It works for Penelope as she looks at home wearing it.  But, it’s nothing special. it doesn’t really shine and it looks like she is down playing her look.”

    Freida Pinto

    “This is quite a classical Indian up do and incorporates lots of twists and pins to create a beautiful look.  I really like the uniqueness of this look on the Hollywood carpet.  It’s almost down played glamour.”

    How To

    “Again the foundation is about getting that movement and body.  Then hair is twisted and knotted in sections and pinned at the nape of the neck.  The front section is styled with very soft body to give definition to her petite face frame.”

    The Verdict

    “A beautiful red carpet look that certainly works. Freida has a real air of knowing she looks good – but in a good way!”  

    Vanessa Hudgens

    This is your classic curl updo that works well on younger women.  It keeps it light and fun without the harshness that some classical updo’s can do to a younger woman.

    How To

    “It’s all about the curls and body for this look!  Using styling irons or rollers, hair is pinned up from the nape to the crown of the neck.”

    The Verdict

    “This is a good red carpet look because Vanessa is young and can get away with it. The tendrils around the side soften the look and keep it playful.”

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