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    Uncovering the Secrets of Celebrity Hair Extensions

    Unsuspecting members of the public might believe that every celebrity has luscious, lovely locks.

    But all good hairdressers know that many, if not most stars use extensions to turn their wilting waves into crowning manes of glory.

    Here we look at who is wearing them so well it’s virtually impossible to tell and explain how you can share their secrets with your clients. 


    new paris hilton2.jpg

    “Paris constantly reinvents her hairstyles through the clever use of hair extensions. For this look, I’d use Rapture Hair Extensions, they only takes an hour to apply and use no bonds or glue.

    “Ultra-fine, self-adhesive extensions are applied near the roots and placed firmly between small sections of natural hair. It’s undetectable, blending perfectly with the hair to give you a head full of longer, natural looking locks. 

    “To achieve the colour, I’d apply half a head of golden, honey tones of Rapture Rapid Hair Extensions.”


    Sean Fordham, Fordham Soho, London


    4.Cherylcole.jpg“Cheryl’s hair is pure unadulterated glamour. Her length and volume has been achieved by a full head of natural texture, such as 50cm Great Lengths Hair Extensions in colour02.

    “Her hair has been blow-dried with a round brush for even more volume, backcombed at the root and then accessorised with a thin hairband. 

    “If maintained using the Great Lengths wet products, the bonds can have a long and healthy lifespan. 

    Style in the same way as natural hair with blow-drying and tonging, so a multitude of looks can be created.”

    Niki Moores, Michael Van Clarke, London


    5.lilyallen.jpg“Lily doesn’t hang around. If you want to go from short to long, extensions are the answer.

    “Lily has gone for hair extensions like the fabulously glossy extensions by Racoon International.

    Racoon’s Micro Wefts are quick to apply so you can achieve a full head of hair in under an hour.

    “Protect hair from heat damage and lock in the shine with Racoon-Xtend Thermal Defense Serum.”

    Nick Malenko, Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton



    1.Nicolerichie.jpgNicole has very fine hair and extensions have been cleverly applied to add volume.

    “I’d add Balmain DoubleHair 100% natural hair extensions, and cut and finish the style for a fuller finish. 

    “I recommend using a soft, bristle brush; this will keep the extensions and natural hair tangle-free and shiny, and will not catch the bonds of the extensions.

    “If clients have problems with their extensions it is nearly always because they are not following the aftercare guidelines.”


    Jason Smith, artistic director, Balmain Hair



    “Alexandra’s hair is braided with American Dream Silky Jumbo braid with a small amount of her own hair left out to create a natural-looking style and parting.

    “Weave American Dream’s Platinum Extreme 100% human hair 18in hair extensions and style with ceramic straighteners to get a poker-straight, smooth finish. For the added X-Factor gloss.

    “Finish with American Dream Manhattan Shine & Maintenance Spray, which will add instant shine and keep extensions tangle- and frizz-free.”


    Natasha John-Lewis, Desmond Murray, London


    6.Beyonceknowles.jpg“Beyoncé’s trademark is her hair. Whether she wears it straight or curly and wild, it’s always big and beautiful. Hairaisers have various ranges of extensions that are simple to use. 

    “Pink Label clip-in extensions can be re-used by the client at home. The Blue Label range of temporary extensions can also be taken out at home, and applied by the client, or brought back into the salon for application. 

    “Hairaisers aftercare products like the conditioning shampoo, shine serum and conditioning mist restore the health and shine of the hair.” 

    Gary Hooker, Hooker & Young, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


    madonna2.jpg“To get Madonna’s look, I’d use Gisela Mayer Natural Hair Extensions to create stunning additional volume to fine hair.

    “Style the hair into a side parting, spiral tong into loose waves and allow to cool completely.

    “Gently brush and style the soft curls using your fingers. Finish Madonna’s celeb look with glow spray.

    “Extensions and natural hair always need to be treated with extra care. Use Gisela Mayer’s premium care products to keep this glamorous style looking incredibly healthy and shiny.”


    Ursula John, session stylist


    Gone are the harsh glueing techniques of times gone by, today’s gentle attachment techniques are designed not to cause excessive tension on the hair.

    From soap stars to the Hollywood elite, extensions have become an essential accessory in the fast-paced world of celebrity.

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