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    Celebrity Hair-o-Meter: Claudia Schiffer is the Cat's Whiskers

    The Supermodels show us how it’s supposed to be done on this week’s celeb hair o meter, nothing unusual there, but the reality stars have got it oh so wrong (again, no big surprise!), but even Hollywood superstars have lost their touch – what’s going on?

    thermo2.gif Catwalk…
    Claudia Schiffer

    Supermodel, Claudia Schiffer struts down the street, looking good enough to be walking down a catwalk; she plays it safe keeping her hair straight adding inches to her already elegantly tall model-self.

    Elle McPhearson

    Keeping on the subject of supermodels, Aussie beauty Elle McPhearson also gets it spot on, layers, waves and volume puts this hair style bang on trend.

    Rachel Weisz

    Who needs a hairstylist when you can do it yourself? Especially when it’s as simple as Rachel Weisz look. Straight, smooth and sleek seems to be popular with the celebs; and the glossed look proves that simpler really is better.

    Diana Vickers

    People had something to say about Diana Vickers exaggerated hand movements, but we are a bit more worried about her hair. Let’s face it, the ‘straight out of bed look’ works on some, but it’s all gone wrong for poor Diana.

    Esther Rantzen

    OK, so we understand that in the Jungle you’re limited to certain styling products. OK, we understand that concentrating on your appearance might be the last of your worries, but Esther Rantzen should really have been screaming ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of this hair’.

    Uma Thurman

    For someone who normally gets it oh so right, this mishap is not so cool for Uma Thurman. Her barbed wire meets birds nest monstrosity needs to be killed immediately.

    …Cat Litter


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