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    Celebrity Hair Style: Cannes Chameleons

    cannes.jpgThe Cannes Film Festival has brought out the best in celebrity hairstyles with each one competing to outdo the other and steal the spotlight.

    Some celebrities have used the event as a fashion and hair catwalk show. Dazzling the crowds with a different look each day.

    Professional party girl Paris Hilton and Boomtown brat Peaches Geldof worked harder than any other celebrity to come up with the most looks.

    Peaches Geldof


    “The white dress look is gorgeous, her hair looks really shiny and in great condition.  Putting the hair in a bun keeps it understated. I love the rock chic look; the black dress with her red lips looks edgy.

    Her hair has a great shine and looks effortless which is what makes the look so cool. I like the hair off her face with the purple dress and having the hair high up balances out the shape of the jacket. 

    I am not too sure about the bun – it almost looks like a false hairpiece, she might have been better going for a retro updo and a sweeping fringe. Not as keen on the red dress; this would look better with hair up.”

    Rae Palmer, Rae Palmer Hairdressing, Hampshire

    Paris Hilton

    From a floaty, boho maxi-dress, a Grecian style gown and a couple of sparkly numbers, Paris kept everyone guessing with her dresses. Her cute bob lent itself well to an array of pretty hair accessories.

    “Paris looks less Barbie and more elegant with her classic bob. Her glitzy headbands add a touch of old school glamour, ensuring all eyes are on her at the Cannes film festival. This is definitely a look Paris should keep, ditching her hair extensions in the bin!”

    Neville Ramsay, Ramsay and Johnson


     Penelope Cruz

    “I like both Penelope’s hairstyles for different reasons.  The sweeping look over her eyes is very summery and fresh.  The side fringe gives her effortless glamour and the lighter colour  makes her skin tone look lovely and peachy.

    The other style oozes full red carpet glamour and looks very sleek.  I like the darker hair colour, which complements the lilac dress and makes her skin tone cooler, it works perfectly with the dress.  This look is super sophisticated.”

    Rae Palmer, Rae Palmer Hairdressing, Hampshire

    Rachel Weiss

    “I’m not too keen on this image. Rachel still looks naturally gorgeous but her hair looks dull, dry and unruly. This style is best suited for walking the dog and is that a bit of grey at the front?

    I LOVE her other look, the rich dark chocolate toned locks looks ultra glossy and brings out the colour of her eyes. Rachel looks stunning with the off-centre parting and mermaid waves draped over one shoulder.”

    Robert Masciave from Metropolis Hairdressing

    Other stars who came to show off their ‘dos included Dita Von Teese, the epitome of old-fashioned glamour, wearing vampish, black waves. Evangeline Lily wore her hair in the on-trend lengths-to-one-side style.

    Stars to sport updo’s included Kristen Scott Thomas, who wore a classic updo with feature candy-pop earrings, and Hilary Swank, who went for a casual hair up style worn with pretty pearls.

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    • Even celebrities get hooked on wearing hair accessories. I’m always excited to see them wearing different kind of hair accessories. They look all beautiful. :)