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    Choose Cameron Diaz's Hottest Hairstyle

    Screen queen Cameron Diaz has changed her hair more than she’s changed her outfits. We look at her styles throughout the years and you get to vote for her best look to date.

    We’d love to hear your opinions about Cameron’s styles on the HJi Forum. The winning looks will be featured in a Cameron Diaz style feature in HJ.  

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    Neat Bob

    The neat bob that Cameron wore in the ‘There’s Something About Mary’ was perfect for her role as good girl that everyone loves. Sometimes worn with a neat clip, she looked groomed and cute.

    Centre-parted, glossy brunette

    Cameron is barely recognisable with these glossy, chocolate brown locks teamed with a glowing tan. Her bright blue eyes pop out against her darker hair and skin tone for an exotic mix.

    Long blonde waves with roots

    This recent shot shows Cameron flaunting her roots. This may be seen as a hair crime but the two-tone blonde waves match her pink outfit and lipstick combo perfectly.

    Dark brown, red carpet updo

    Cameron opts for classic old-fashion glamour here. Teaming a soft updo and sweeping fringe with dramatic red lips and diamond earrings. Classy.

    Beachy blonde waves

    These dishevelled blonde waves are classic Cameron. The loose look complements her graphic stripes and punky necklace a red carpet meets  rock chick style.

    Deep brunette, side-swept glitz

    Cameron’s peekaboo fringe enhances this glamorous look. Her peachy complexion contrasts with the deep mahogany tones and her simple gold hoop earrings work with the look. 

    Cute blonde curls

    Cameron has added curls to her longer length bob for a playful and flirty look. Teamed with a simple vest, she looks ready for the beach.

    Classic California babe

    With a mix of honeys, platinum’s and darker blonde tones, this colour works with Cameron’s pale skin tone and the combination of colours hads some texture to a style that lacks body.  



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