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    Obama v Palin: Hair Style Head to Head

    With would-be first lady Michelle Obama wowing the crowds and John McCain’s young charismatic running mate Sarah Palin hogging the headlines, never have women had such a big part to play in US politics.

    And as American politics and image go together like pretzels and mustard, it’s natural that these two fiesty females will need to use their style to impress the nation’s voters. 

    So which one comes out in top in the hair style stakes; who’s looking old hat and who is in need of a celebrity hair makeover?

    We asked London Hairdresser Steven Carey to put the two leading leading ladies’ locks under the microscope in a style head to head.

    Michelle Obama Sarah Palin
    Michelle-Obama-hair.jpg Sarah-Palin.jpg
    The look: The bobbed length with short layers and plenty of lift and volume is a classic look for a politician’s wife.

    The verdict: The lift at the roots exposes her forehead too much and the hair looks too big for her head.

    How to revamp the style for a first lady: I would improve the look by reducing the volume. You could make it more chic by cutting layers out of the top, in turn making the style less bouffant, and cutting it shorter around the jaw. This would keep the look classic but give more movement. I would regularly use colour enhancers to keep her hair shiny.

    The look: Shoulder length hair with a fringe, and a few layers fresh and new approach to style in the polical sphere.

    The verdict: It is a flattering look. It’s younger and fresher and she looks more modern than her rival.

    How to revamp the style for a vice president: I would give her more layers, and shorten the length to give more body and movement. The look could be improved by cutting it shorter, possibly just below the shoulders and adding some more layers. The colour could be enriched with more warm brown lights.


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