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    HJi hearts . . . Lulu's Lovely Locks

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    lulusm.jpgEither Lulu has a ‘Picture of Dorian Gray‘ style painting in her attic that is gradually ageing or she has a fantastic hairdresser.

    She turned up at the recent Pride of Britain awards looking hotter than the array of younger stars.

    Lulu started off as the cute Scotish redhead with the big voice. She was more girl-next-door than sexpot but somehow Lulu has turned into a smouldering blonde bombshell who looks far luluoldsm.jpgyounger than her (almost) 60 years.

    Back in the day, Lulu went for an on-trend, flicked bouffant that suited her schoolgirl style, with inevitable greys appearing later in life, she has opted for a bright blonde which perfectly suits her pale skin tone.

    Lawrence Paul from Lawrence Paul is loving Lulu’s look. “Lulu has gone for blonde and honey coloured highlights rather than the coppery tones she is famous for, ” he says. 

    The singing sensation has admitted to Botox use but in her case she thankfully looks more soft than surprised. Having naturally chubby cheeks as a teen has probably helped to keep her looking lovely later in life.  

    lulu2sm.jpgLawrence has noticed that Lulu’s look is popular with clients. He says: “We are seeing much more of this now as clients are tending to stay away from straightening irons and going for either a naturally wavy or curly look.”

    Many older stars go for the chop but Lulu pulls off longer lengths with her youthful appearance and sunny disposition. The soft layers are of-the-moment and her boom bang-a-bangs are fabulous.


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