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Receptionist or no Receptionist?

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guru6 Posted: Tue, Apr 12 2011 15:05

Hi Sean,


I'm a big fan of your great answers on this forum and always check in every so often to see the advice you give. 

I have been thinking about employing a receptionist as i feel our apprentices are over-worked trying to assist stylists and man the reception.  Can receptionists be cost effective? I feel i am losing out to possible walk-ins and appointments by young staff not seeing the potential sales. 

What are your thoughts on this?

Kind regards


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I personally think a receptionist / front of house is the most important face of the business, first contact for all clients and i believe it should be  mature adult not an assistant..


I don't know about anyone else but i would not go into a salon that had a 17-19 year old receptionist or apprentices hanging around the desk, its very unprofessional and can be pretty off-putting to potential clients..

A receptionist really makes the salon work like clock work and often manages the salon too, I have worked in salons that didn't have a receptionist and had to answer the phone myself in the middle of cutting some ones hair and i think this is dispicable leaving a client during a service...


So in short yes it's a good investment and then your juniors can perhaps be concentrating on making you money instead as you said about missing out on potential business

failing to plan is planning to fail....... aim for the top and don't let anybody stand in your way!
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Hi Sarah,

First look at the downside.

If you currently, for example, generate a profit of £50K per year and you employ and pay a new receptionist £15K per year, your profit could reduce to £35K so this is the worst case hit on your bottom line. However, you are right, a ‘good’ receptionist can significantly build your business.

You should clearly identify their job role and be prepared to train them how to do it. Your receptionist could:
-Meet and greet clients
-Help build and manage a client database – eg write letters / emails to lost clients, organise specific promotions to selected clients, run text campaigns etc...
-Actively market to your clients; EG write thank you cards to new clients, make confirmation calls etc
-Significantly improve your retail business

Without knowing how many stylists you have it’s hard to know what scope they could have but you are right, a good receptionist could be a great investment and of course generally improve the professional service of your salon

However if you employ a receptionist that is just a friendly face on the reception desk, you might find that they are ‘nice’ to have but challenge to your bottom line.

I hope this helps a little


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