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Orange!! HELP!!!

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PunkGirl Posted: Tue, Feb 21 2012 11:17


I've been crazy colour Fire for a about 3 months and me being me thought that was too long! am forever changing my hair! i really wanted it orange!  I put fudge paint box gold finger on it and i do like the colour but i think next time i want it a bit brighter!

Any suggestions?

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HJi replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 11:19

We've posted your question on our Facebook page, check here for answers to help you out:!/HairdressersJournal/posts/313238798724507

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Nny replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 11:24

I've done literally exactly the same thing this week..

I've bleached bath my hair and then put the Crazy colour orange (mixed with a bit of fire in it too).




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What I would suggest is that since you have RED on yoru hair, you have a lot of pigment sitting there. I would remove some of that pigment either by a shampoo cocktail (note, can dry out hair if not careful) and expose some of the more orange-y undertones. Then go back with a orange fudge color or other semi orange shade.

Hope this helps a lil.

test piece is recommended to see if it will work vs doing all at once and hoping it works ;)

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I think it looks nice.....Chi has a nice bright orange in their hi lift categories. Matrix also has a hi lift copper. They lift n tone so perhaps will help you achieve that brighter look. Just careful with them for I am not too sure you can put them directly on the scalp.

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HJi replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 11:40

Nice hair Nny!
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Have you tried Directions? They do a mandarin and an apricot. I've used fudge for my red hair in the past but found Directions just as good and cheaper. My hair is shocking pinky/purple at tho mo and I used Rose Red from their colour range. 

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Blanca replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 13:33

What brand of color did you use? Very nice!

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You need to contact a salon that uses GOLDWELL Hair Care..... head office number of the company is 01323 432100 ask for your nearest salon that stocks and uses ELUMEN.....HAIR COLOR.

Elumen comes in PINK RED PURPLE GREEN YELLOW and ORANGE ETC... and the color is permanent... and very vibrant and long lasting.. there is also a  product to remove/ reduce  it from your hair with no damage...called RETURN.

ELUMEN is professional product you need a hairdresser to apply it..

Check out Elumen images on google or


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