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Mobile Hairdressing. Just starting out.

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Jen4Hair Posted: Mon, Aug 9 2010 11:34

Hi my name is Jenna Kendall. I have been hairdressing for about 3 years now and have been self-employed since April of this year doing mobile hairdressing. Every week I get an average of about 25 clients including cuts, colours, gents, children and bridal parties, it's going great so far!

I was wondering how people advertise their own businesses. I am on google maps, I have a website, I have delivered 5000 flyers around Northampton and the word of mouth from my existing clients is brilliant. Any other advertising tips would be much appreciated.

Recently I have had a few problems with cancellations i.e. I drive to somebodys house and they say they can't afford it. Usually in a salon there are fees if an appointment is not cancelled with atleast 24 hrs notice, its a good idea but not possible for me as those payments are often taken over the phone by card. Obviously I don't have a card machine and its very awkward to demand cash on somebodys door step, especially if they have told you they can't afford to have their hair done! What would you do in this situation?

My prices are very reasonable and I dont feel I should put them up but my customers tell me I should. What sort of prices does everybody charge for mobile hairdressing?



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We've forwarded your query to Sheila Abrahams at the Freelance Hair and Beauty Federation and here is her response:

These questions can easily be answered by contacting the FHBF as these are the areas we specialise in. We run bespoke business courses to deal with these questions and so much more. Visit our website or call and speak to someone who will be pleased to help 01582 431783
1. Cancellation Policy.
The FHBF recommends that all clients should be advised of a cancellation policy when an appointment is made and it should be printed on all stationary/price list that is relevant to the business. The FHBF has developed marketing materials/stationary that is available for members which have Terms & Conditions of business and a cancellation policy already in place. Also members can use the FHBF Logo on their marketing/stationary literature which gives the public confidence and an added sense of security when using the services of a freelance operator. As a minimum we suggest 24hrs notice of cancellation,no charge. Less than 24hrs notice a 50% charge will be charged.
2. Promoting and Advertising a Business. 
This is again something that the FHBF specialises in and we run bespoke business courses that give lots of advice on both promoting and advertising.  To be really successful all aspects of setting up and running a freelance business should be looked at and considered as a complete project not just taking topics in isolation. Ideas for promoting/advertising a business to consider include leaflet drops and advertising locally but in truth there is much more to it than can be written here. The FHBF has many years of experience in helping freelance operators with all aspects of their businesses simply visit our website or call and speak to someone who will be pleased to help. 01582 431783

Hope that this is of some help to you.


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I was wondering how people advertise their own businesses. I am on google maps, I have a website, I have delivered 5000 flyers around Northampton and the word of mouth from my existing clients is brilliant. Any other advertising tips would be much appreciated.

Hi Jenna, it sounds like a fantastic start and you’re tapping into all the basics and more but here are a few more thoughts that would be worth putting into practice:

Use your Facebook page and get clients to write their testimonials about your service and put pictures up there of their hair, also on Facebook offer 50th and 100th friend to have a free service or product to try to build up your friends network.

You could get your car branded with your contact details so you have high visibility wherever you go so you’d be your own best advert.  Starting from the end of this week Indola are running a Smart Car competition with every purchase of Indola products and it’s running at wholesalers across the country so give it a go! 

Network in your local community, look at getting yourself a presence at events like local wedding shows and make contact with local wedding coordinators or tap into the booming area of school proms with adverts in school programmes.   Local unis will do a graduation ball so you could target students and put flyers on the Halls of Residence to get your name around too. 

You could try recommend a friend and other client building promotions that are regularly seen in salons and other businesses trying to grow their business base too.  

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thankyou so much thats great help!


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HI Jen,

Sounds like you're doing fantastically. In terms of getting the word out, I take advantage of a couple of free advertising sites.......Touchlocal and FreeIndex one of which will email you leads. You can ask your clients to leave a testimonial too which boosts your rating.

Word of mouth is my most effective form of advertising, I did try leafleting [do it on a Sunday when there is less chance of it being swallowed up with junk mail] but this was not very effective and I have postcard sized cards in all the local shops too. For weddings, I work closely with a couple of close venues and also sent out my brochure pack to all potential wedding venues in the vicinity. My business stationery is sourced at Vistaprint, absolute bargain and it can all be personalised and co-ordinated.


Finally, you can take  out a free classified advert on'd be surprised how many enquiries you get!

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This is now a very old post but if anyone reading this would like some help with starting out in business please email me at or alternatively look on the blog


Hopefully I can be of some help.

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Dear Kate,

I am going to start this course on the 7th of February and I was wondering how much I would charge my clients, please? I am a carer and receptionist with fifteen years of experience in customer service and I thought I could add this course and offer to do the elderly's hair. Also my mother in law is a warden at another residential home so I'll give her my business cards as well. Threre's already two hairdressers and a barber shop in town, so would it be possible to work as a mobile-hairdresser and maybe charging less money than they do, or go and ask if they need staff instead?


Kind regards,


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Hi Kate,


You're welcome to have a look at my price list to give you an idea for your own services. Setting up freelance can be daunting, but my advice would be to go for it! To give you some tips I made the website with weebly which is a really easy way to make a website. Also I would recommend registering your business with google places (google +) so that you appear on google searches. Click the link to see the website I made for my mobile hairdresser business.

Hope this helps.





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