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Been made Redundant working at salon for 4 years.. 1week notice and no redudancy pay, help :) - Legal Matters - Tricks of the Trade - Hairdressing Forum for Haircut News and Hairdressing Tips | HJi Community

Been made Redundant working at salon for 4 years.. 1week notice and no redudancy pay, help :)

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Samanthalouise.x Posted: Thu, Jan 19 2012 14:29

Hey guys! Hopefully someone here will have a bit of advice for me!

I started out in the salon in November 2007 working as a junior qualified in 2009 also went on maternity leave in September 2009 - September 2010.. The owner (my boss) then sold the salon in march 2011 including myself and the junior. The new owners sacked the junior because they didn't like her attitude in may 2011.

They have now made me redundant -January 2012. They have given me one weeks notice and have been informed I will not be receiving redudancy pay. 

I spoke with Acas who informed me I should have been given 4 weeks paid notice as I have been here 4 years (1week per year up to 12 years) also entitled to 2 weeks redudancy pay (1/2 weeks pay per year, as I'm under 22' ...only just!)

The new owners have another salon and are also part of the NHF! Does this affect my rights? As that's the impression I'm getting. 

Bearing in mind I am still under my old contract from my ex-boss who is NOT a member of the nhf and also told me the redudancy in her contracts was government standard! 

The company is not going into liquidisation etc... They are keeping this salon open with one stylist and will be bringing one of the girls down from the other salon 2 days a week, can they do that, surely I should have been offered the job? 

Anyway I have had advice from Acas but I just wanted some from personal experiences or salon owners that have gone through this themselves! Thank you in advance & any additional information required please ask :-) xxx

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HJi replied on Mon, Jan 23 2012 9:21

We posted your question on our Facebook page so there are some answers here:!/HairdressersJournal/posts/227388440679098
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Good evening sorry for the delay

You have received some good advice already

However the key thing is to get your application into the employment tribunal system

You can do this on line yourself or approach citizens advice

You have 3 months from the date of dismissal

Just google employment tribunal IT1


You are clearly entitled to notice and redundancy pay but you might also receive additional pay as your employer has failed to consult with you

Assuming you were not given the right to be accompanied ast the redundancy meeting you have also effectively been unfairly dismissed

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