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Anyone got any good news?

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ktWoods Posted: Mon, Jan 19 2009 12:35

There seems to be doom and gloom and bad news everywhere you turn at the moment and personally it is getting me down. So I was wondering, does anyone have any happy news to report? If it's hair industry related fantastic, but seriously I will take exciting plans, holidays, weddings any good news.

Come on, please cheer me up...

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Smile OK then, here's 3 to get started.

Me and the present Mrs W are off on our customary winter hols in less that two weeks time, fly to Barbados then cruise the Caribbean for two weeks visiting all the usual places ( I won't go through the itinerary but you get the picture).

We have booked a villa in Florida for May where we will be with the whole family for three weeks.

And finally we have bought a bargain of a new kitchen which will be fitted when were away   ! 

Nothing about hair I'm afraid although I will be getting mine cut in the next few days

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HMMMMMM! This is very good news, for you. I am now very jealous!

 I have decided to change the rules has anyone got any good news that is going to make me feel like the world is a better place?

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The world is a wonderful and joyous place Kate! Maybe being in the media is clouding your judgement somewhat? Stick out tongue Last year saw more people sign up to become VSOs than ever before, emerging technologies are seeing the green movement striding forward despite economies still not letting go of their oil based dependance.

Beautiful children are still being born. Everyday sees millions of people doing minor and not so minor things to bring happiness to others, families, friends and strangers.

 There's a trick to positivity, shhhh, looks around conspiritoraly..... you just have to look! Humans are conditioned to see what they want or more really what they expect to see!Big Smile Magicians take advantage of this mechanism all the time.

We've been conditioned to see the negative, doom and gloom.


Never forget that beautiful sunset, don't forget the feeling the first time you realised you were in love - when your down recall these things, a bit off practice and you'll be up 'high' as a truckload of monkeys on nitrus oxide!Big Smile

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Saw a new sports car reviewed the other day - the dogs!

208MPH top speed, 0-60 in 2.5 secs. Completely electric engine! Where getting there people.

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updo replied on Thu, Feb 19 2009 15:05

hi,  i had two free floors above my salon so i decided to to open an art gallery and make the world a more beautifull place. i am inviting my artist and craft maker clients to show their work and useing my salon data base to invite potential customers to posh evening do's what an excuse to party!!

ive even exhibited some hats i made entierly of cut hair(avant guarde comp last year hji )

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