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    Red Carpet Hair: The Emmy Awards 2009

    The great and good of the American television world were out in force to celebrate The 61st Emmy Award at the Television Academy’s Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in Hollywood. 

    Now that quality American television has improved to the standard of film, movie stars who’ve branched out to TV are regulars at the event which celebrates the cream of the crop in comedy, drama and entertainment.

    Jess Evans from the Hair Advice Centre and Camilla Ring from Webster Whiteman cast their expert eyes over the hot looks on the night and figure out how to get the look.

    Jess Evans, Director at The Hair Advice Centre gives her opinion on these stunning looks.

    hollyhuntersm.jpgHolly Hunter

    “Holly’s style is full, long and soft curls with a side parting.  One side is loosely pinned back. 

    “I like Holly’s style because it’s ultra-feminine and pretty.  It doesn’t look too ‘done’ and makes her look youthful and relaxed.  It also complements the cut of her dress neckline.

    “For extra 40′s glamour, she could have pinned back the front and sides loosely behind her ears.”

    Get the look – ” Blow dry the hair to get volume at the roots and then set on large Velcro rollers to cool. Spritz with hairspray and rake through gently with a light serum.”

    kyrasedgewicksm.jpgKyra Sedgewick

    “Kyra is sporting a very soft French pleat with a long sweeping fringe and loose tendrils.

    “Kyra’s hair is flirty with the fringe covering one eye coyly.  It works well with her dress and softens her face and jaw line.

    “A hairclip in the same colour as her dress would have finished off the look perfectly, and maybe a few loose tendrils to complement the ruffled neckline.”

    Get the look - “For this style, pin hair around the nape to the crown with one side.  With the opposite side, twist up gradually and secure in place with pins.  Blow dry the fringe to one side, lifting slightly at the root for a little volume.”

    leightonmeestersm.jpgLeighton Meester

    “Leighton’s hair has been curled and pinned up in a loose and casual manner, with a couple of tendrils left around her face.

    “I think Leighton’s hair colour is lovely and great for her skin tone.  It’s good that she has an updo with the statement dress and the volume suits her heart-shaped face.

    “This style is just a little bit too messy and could do with looking more groomed, maybe pinning the curls tighter.  Also, a gold decorative headband would suit this Grecian inspired dress.”

    Get the look – “To curl hair like this, use curling tongs over the whole head spritzing with spray as you go.  Select curls at random and secure them loosely with pins at the back of your head.”

    Camilla Ring, stylist, Webster Whiteman checks out the next three red carpet lovelies.

    chloesevignysm.jpgChloe Sevigny

    “Chloe’s loose ponytail is very natural and on-trend with a few loose strands around her face.

    “I like this style because it’s very young, trendy and wearable, making it achievable for everyone.

    “I’d like to see the ends with a soft wave for more red carpet glamour.”

    Get the look – “Gently backcomb the roots and then pull back into the low ponytail, over the ears.  Tease out slightly using a pintail comb.”

    drewsm.jpgDrew Barrymore

    “Drew is wearing an elegant loose, curled chignon, with a good amount of volume.

    “This style suits Drew’s small features and gives her a little extra height.  It will suit all age groups and is very versatile.

    “Some sparkle, maybe a crystal hairclip would finish off this look and complement the dress.”

    Get the look - “Dry hair in Velcro rollers and spritz with hairspray.  Pin the curls to the back of the head and wrap round to make the chignon shape using Kirby grips.”

    haydensm.jpgHayden Panettiere

    “Hayden’s style for the Emmy’s is a type of pleat, twisted and pinned to the back of her head with tight little curls.

    “This look is very sophisticated and complements her dress beautifully without looking too much. 

    “Hayden could benefit from a couple of loose strands to soften and elongate her face a little.”

    Get the look – “Use big rollers and set to cool for root volume. Twist and pull back the loose curls and pin in place going down the back of the head. Finish smaller curls off with tongs or irons and given a generous blast of hairspray.”

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