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Celebrity Hair-o-Meter: Loving Kylie Minogue's Long Locks

Just like the rest of us, celebrities have good hair days, bad hair days and complete shockers. And it seems that most of their hair horrors seem to have happened on the GQ Man Award Red Carpet this fortnight.

But do you think we’ve got the wrong end of the stick? Are we misunderstanding Lily Allen’s pin curls or is Saffron Aldridge’s hair just a simple understated look?

On the other hand if you think Kylie Minogue’s new long locks her just a bit mousy and non descript? Let us know on the MyHJi forums, plus join the debate about whether great celebrity hair is subjective?

thermo2.gif Too Hot to Handle…
Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe

Glossy chocolate locks, bang on-trend fringe and the perfect balance between made an effort and tried too hard; Mark Ronson and girlfriend Daisy Lowe sure make a stylish double act.

Kylie Minogue

She’s only gone and done it again; the princess of pop’s latest hairstyle nails autumn’s hot hair trend for going natural – and doesn’t it just roll back the years? It’s no wonder she’s looking so pleased with herself.

Thandie Newton

With a bright patterned dress and killer heels, Thandie knows keeping her hair simple is the only option. We just love this classic updo that accentuates her beautiful bone structure.

Saffron Aldridge

And here’s how not to wear red carpet hair… Model Saffron Aldridge gets the unkempt updo just right – for lunch with a pal; but with a classic LBD and stylish gold jewellery it’s completely out of place.

Lily Allen

Don’t you just hate it when you have all the right ingredients but somehow it still goes wrong? That’s what happened to poor Lily when she tried her hand at must-have pin curls, but didn’t quite carry it off

Christina Aguilera

Oh Christina, we thought you’d learned from the errors of your youth, but judging by the brassy blonde tone and the frazzled ends we were wrong. And those poker straight locks are so last year…

…Frosty Days


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