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Long Hair, Why, Why, Why?!

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shorinjiidude Posted: Sat, Jul 5 2008 20:38

So the long hair clients have a million reasons as to why they in particular can't have their hair cut. Face shape is wrong..."Ummm, not really" It just won't suit..."Umm, well if I do this it will...", My mum/dad will hate it", "WTF! Your 32!" My biggest hate and IMHO the most popular is my boyfriend/husband/partner likes long hair. So, why is the relatively new fashion of long hair the only way some women can be feminine? And why do men prefer long hair?

Okay, lets get, ahem, personal. I hate my partners to have long hair! During, ahem, moments of intimacy it's all over the bl00dy place! I wake up at night smothered in the stuff, it gets everywhere, clogs up the hoover, the plug.... jeez!? A beautiful geometric cut will bring out all the beauty, mask the negative and be the most feminine look a women can have.

So, I have a hypothesis; the reason men prefer it is a genetic one. It must hark-en back to the days when, to get a female we would simply wield a club in her direction and at point of unconsciousness her hair was the most useful way of dragging her back to the cave. What do you think?

Do you think short hair can be feminine?

We've added this poll to shorinjdude's thread because we found your responses fascinating. So what do you say is femininity all about long hair?

  • Real femininity is all about lucious long locks (33.3%)
  • Short hair is far more girlie (66.7%)
  • Total Votes: 6
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hate my partners to have long hair! During, ahem, moments of intimacy it's all over the bl00dy place! I wake up at night smothered in the stuff, it gets everywhere,

Well there's a revelation!

I think it goes back to childhood where we learned that girls have long hair and boys have short hair so therefore long hair is seen as feminine. Plus it reminds men of hair up and the days of pulling ponytails, which I'm not sure they ever really grow out of. Smile

There is no question that shorter cuts work better on faces with more striking features. While a plain girl can be perceived as attractive if she has long hair; short hair exposes the blemishes far more and I think that can be intimidating.  

The vast majority of screen sirens have had long hair too, so some of it is definitely about perception.

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Isn't long hair a traditional sign of masculinity too - what about Sampson!!!

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Hey at last a subject I can speak about as an expert!

I keep my hair short - mainly because it gets straggly when it gets longer, but also to make me stand out from all my long haired friends - and I can pretty much guarantee that whenever I come home from the hairdressers my boyfriend will say too me 'it's a bit short' and then if I go to see my Dad he'll say exactly the same thing.

The other half just thinks that girls are supposed to have long hair as it makes them look prettier and more feminine. Having said that, it's never been long enough for him to drag me across the threshold by it so maybe I just haven't had the chance to find out that is what it is all about.

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As a male who's always had short hair (excusing the Julian Casablancas inspired blip of 2002) I don't have much in the way of a first person insight as to why ladies are so reluctant to part with long locks - but i do think we're jumping the gun in suggesting that it's down to male pressure.

Last year someone close to me found herself the victim of hair-loss as a side effect of illness - she was heartbroken and had a really hard time dealing with what what she felt was a loss of her femininity. She even avoided going out in public for fear of getting embarrassed about her appearance incase she bumped into someone she knew.

fast forward 14 months and she is sporting a Vicky Beckham style POB and is back to her head-turning best. She really pulls it off and I think she looks fantastic. Still, she is always saying how shecant wait to get her long hair back. For her getting her long hair back brings her full circle back to how she pictures herself and how other people remember her.

It is a shame but i think maybe women are reluctant to cut their hair because it would mean a departure from safety, moving out of the status quo into the unknown - a brave thing to do in a culture that stresses the importance of beauty and personal appearance.
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We live in a world of unoriginality, fear of the unknown. A culture of sameness where we all dutifully follow the herd, sheeplike, blinkered into believeing all that OK, Grazia et al offer us week after week. We pretend to be original and unique, but are constantly being driven by fear that we might not be liked, respected or loved. How many of your clients come in asking for somthing different......just don't cut TOO much off? How many? count them, wouldn't you love a few quid for each one? Look how we stare at anyone who does dare to be different, those weird goths, emos and what on earth is Vivian Westwood doing still not wearing nickers at her age? (The answer is of course she is 'doing' punk)

Of course the long hair thing is also a symptom of increasing time pressure on people, but anyone who has ever been on a course will tell you there is always time, if you want it that is.

We need something more..... I'll think about it and then we can start a revolution! Anyone elsi in? WinkStick out tongueSurprise 

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lgreen replied on Wed, Oct 22 2008 23:04

 hello all,

Yes, I hate the comments about how it is too short or along those lines! I think my friend has finally learned not to do that when he sees me with a new haircut. 

My hair was just never healthy when it was long and straight, now that I keep it shoulder length it is fine. It just never suited me to have it long and I need some volume on top with the cut.



looking good......lace front wigs
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 I was in a restaurant in Stockholm with a few of the clubs (down stairs) bouncers twenty years ago, and I was asking them about all the women that came in the restaurant. They seemd to like the ones that had long hair most. I deducted that they liked the girls with long hair as they thought that they were "kinder" and the ones with short hair frightened them. Kinder = telling lies in the bed room.

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